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Eight Tax Tips to Consider When Divorce is Involved

If you are recently divorced, going through a divorce, or contemplating getting divorced, here are a few things to keep in mind: Tax Filing Status – A party’s tax filing status for the year is dictated by the person’s status on December 31st of each year. If not married, the taxpayer may file as “single” […]

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FAQ Series: Does adultery play a part in who gets the better outcome at divorce?

As with most questions in family law, the answer is “it depends.” It is true that adultery may influence the division of the marital estate (i.e., property acquired during marriage such as cash, cars, personal property, etc.), but that is not always the case. As this topic is very fact intensive and differs from case-to-case, […]


Prenups for Ideas Are All the Rage With Millennials

It’s well known that millennials prize experiences over possessions, but the latest trend in prenuptial agreements shows that this generation might also favor protecting what’s in their head over what’s in their wallet. The number of millennials seeking prenups is on the rise nationwide, and it’s thoughts and ideas that members of couples want to […]