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Empathy + Understanding

With more than two centuries of combined experience, our highly skilled and knowledgeable attorneys have handled some of the state’s most significant family law cases.

Our attorneys include some of Texas’ most accomplished family law litigators, and offer a proven track record of success in cases involving divorce, complex property division, spousal support, child custody and other areas of family law. The members of our team offer two key strengths: The professional acumen needed to guide your case to a positive conclusion, and the personal empathy to make your journey an easier one.

Through their writings and public speaking, our attorneys have become recognized as authoritative voices in areas such as divorce litigation, complex asset division and spousal support. And through their assertive representation, they’ve earned the reputations that place them among the profession’s most respected family law litigators.

Randall B. Wilhite

Senior Partner, Board Certified

Michael C. Childs

Partner, Board Certified

Susan F. McLerran

Managing Partner, Board-Certified

Katie A. Custer

Partner, Board-Certified

Ellie P. Natenberg

Partner, Board-Certified

Grady Reiff

Partner, Board-Certified

Stephen F. Post

Associate, Board Certified