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Helping You Assert Your Rights to Custody and Support, While Diligently Protecting the Well-Being of Your Child

Children have unique needs. In cases of child custody and support, we believe that the best outcomes occur when both parents are guided by an objective sense of doing what is in the best interests of the children involved. Generally, this requires working together to achieve a thorough and straightforward parenting plan that leaves as little as possible in question. When arriving at this plan through negotiation isn’t possible, we assertively advocate for your position at trial.

Custody and support modifications

Even in cases where both parents have agreed to custody and support terms, it is sometimes necessary to modify or renegotiate the agreement in the future. The courts are generally open to modifications when there is a substantial change in income, marital status or the needs of the child. When alterations are desired for other reasons, we are prepared to advise, negotiate and litigate toward a favorable outcome that promotes the interests and well-being of the child or children involved.

Paternity actions

While DNA tests may settle questions concerning paternal identity, this is often not enough to settle all the related custody and support issues at hand. In the area of paternity disputes, we work with clients to resolve child support, parenting time and rights and potential adoption. We can also negotiate or litigate for inheritance and estate rights when appropriate.

Parental relocation

Many divorce decrees and custody orders place a geographic restriction on the child’s residence, which often prevents parental relocation. Even when required by a job or employer demands, moving a child out of the county, state or country without first seeking court approval may violate a court order. At Fullenweider Wilhite, we work with our clients to resolve their concerns through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation.

Multiple jurisdiction divorce and custody cases

Multi-state or international jurisdiction divorce and custody matters come with a unique set of obstacles, complexities and opportunities. We work with our clients to identify solutions that protects what they value most. In addition to offering an intimate knowledge of Texas and U.S. family law, we maintain working relationships with legal contacts in Europe and South America who possess expertise in family law matters within their jurisdictions. We are frequently called upon to assist Americans living abroad who are facing significant family law issues.

Grandparents’ rights

In certain circumstances, grandparents may have rights to child visitation or conservatorship. We help grandparents take decisive action and assert their rights, when there is a legal basis to do so, to assure that the best interests of their grandchildren are being addressed.

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