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We’re Committed to Staying at The Forefront of The Rapidly Evolving Area of Same-Sex Marriage

In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v Hodges declared that same-sex couples have the right to marry in every state in the U.S., citing the Due Process and Equal Protection clauses of the 14th Amendment.

Since then, couples who had not previously considered marriage as a legal option are asking questions they’d never entertained before: How would marriage affect an existing civil union? If we marry, are assets accumulated during cohabitation viewed as separate or community property? What are the options for adopting, foster parenting or surrogacy? How do Pre-Marital Agreements, Post-Marital Agreements and divorce differ for same-sex couples? How do I best protect myself in the event of a future divorce?

Generally speaking, same-sex marriages are bound by the same legal guidelines that govern heterosexual marriages. At Fullenweider Wilhite, we have the legal insights and experience to help same-sex couples better understand their rights and options.

Let Fullenweider Wilhite Keep You Apprised of Your Legal Rights

The rights, duties and obligations that surround same-sex relationships may find themselves shifting in the years ahead, with each new court decision and future legislation on same-sex issues. As a preeminent Texas family law firm, we are committed to anticipating and keeping clients abreast of the latest changes in family law, particularly in the rapidly evolving area of same-sex marriage. We are committed not only to protecting your rights and assets, but also keeping you informed of any potential changes in the law that could impact your life, your marriage or your future assets.

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