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Texas Divorce Lawyers

Fort Bend County Family Law Firm

It’s no fun getting a divorce, even if you are the spouse who initiated it and you’re ready to be newly single once again. But the Fort Bend County family law firm of Fullenweider Wilhite strives to make the divorce process as painless as possible for all of our divorce clients. The two most contested issues surrounding most divorces are child custody and the division of community property. If you need a property settlement or custody lawyer in Fort Bend County, we have the legal chops to help you negotiate for the best possible outcome.

Our Fort Bend County Divorce Attorneys Are Never Afraid to Litigate Tough Cases

While settling cases out of court is typically the preferred method in most divorce cases, our highly skilled and knowledgeable family law attorneys will never shy away from courtroom litigation for our family law clients. Then, you need a top Texas divorce lawyer in Fort Bend County who is familiar with all local rules and shares a good professional relationship with the family law judges to be your legal advocate in court. We will always work hard to get you the results that you deserve under the laws here in Texas.

Retain a Fort Bend County Family Law Firm for All Phases of Your Texas Divorce

Unfortunately, custody cases are not always permanently settled when the divorce judgment is signed. We find that as your young children grow up, the co-parenting custody agreements often need to be tweaked to continue to reflect the best interests of your children. We will always make time for previous clients who once again need the services of our Fort Bend County divorce attorneys.

Whatever type of family law assistance you may need, the attorneys at Fullenweider Wilhite will always listen with compassion and act with decisiveness to facilitate your aims. When action needs to be taken, call us at (713) 624-4100 or connect online by emailing us at to schedule a consultation.