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Conjugal Cohabitation Agreement Attorneys

Non-Marital Cohabitation Law Firm in Houston

Many couples choose to live together before getting married — or decide not to marry at all. They can have many reasons for this decision, but things can get quite murky when two people live together and share resources and assets. Sometimes, they even share a joint bank account, purchase property together, and buy big-ticket items together like art, cabin cruisers, and vacation homes. However, they often forget to retain a non-marital cohabitation law firm to draft a conjugal cohabitation agreement in the event that the relationship heads south.

An Unmarried Cohabitation Agreement Protects Your Assets and Resources

It is an unfortunate fact that not all relationships will last a lifetime. In a marriage, the laws in Texas dictate how the community property is to be split between the spouses. But when there is no marriage, it can be unclear who has true ownership of property when couples split. Consulting with a firm of experienced cohabitation agreement attorneys who can draft and file a document that details how property will be divided can give you peace of mind.

Here in Harris County, Fullenweider Wilhite is the top family law firm for non-marital cohabitation agreements. Our attorneys use their expertise and experience every day to bring positive results to their unmarried clients. Taking these steps now can avoid a costly and unpleasant court battle later if your relationship ends.

Call Us When You Need a Non-Nuptial Agreement Lawyer in Houston TX

Let the knowledgeable and experienced attorneys at Fullenweider Wilhite put their expertise to work for you. We can alleviate your concerns about unmarried cohabitation affecting your assets. When you are ready to take the next step in your relationship and move in together, make sure that your financial and business interests remain protected both now and in the future. Call our Houston office at (713) 624-4100 to schedule an appointment or email us at