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Skilled & experienced postnuptial agreement representation

Post-Marital Agreement Law Firm in Houston

People often do not obtain a prenuptial agreement before they get married because they think they lack sufficient assets to protect. Years later, their financial situation changes significantly during their marriage.

That’s where postnuptial agreements can be valuable to spouses who want to protect their assets should the marriage end. Having a skilled, experienced high net worth post-marital agreement law firm like Fullenweider Wilhite on your side is especially important in Texas, which is a community property state.

High asset postnuptial agreements can also include provisions regarding spousal support, debts, and other financial issues that can give both spouses peace of mind and, if they do divorce, make the process faster, less costly, and less stressful.

Besides helping our clients draft and negotiate these agreements, our Houston postnuptial agreement lawyers work with clients who are divorcing to enforce the terms of the prenuptial or postnuptial agreement they already have in place or, if necessary, dispute the enforceability of a postnup.

We work to make sure that all marital assets and debts are located. We have relationships with some of the best forensic accountants and other financial professionals in the business.

Why We’re Among the Leading High Net Worth Divorce Attorneys in the Country

Our high net worth post-marital agreement law firm, with more than 200 combined years practicing law, has been recognized by legal organizations throughout the U.S. for our comprehensive representation of clients in all types of family law matters. Our clients appreciate our discretion, integrity, and commitment to providing strong advocacy for their rights, whether they settle their issues through arbitration, mediation, or litigation.

In addition to representation for prenuptial, postnuptial, and cohabitation agreements, we represent clients in family law matters involving:

  • Complex asset division in divorce
  • Child custody and support matters
  • Parental relocation and abduction
  • Paternity
  • Multi-state and international divorces and custody

And more.

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