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Premarital Agreement Law Firm in Houston

In a community property state like Texas, you could see half of all of your assets go to your spouse in a divorce. That’s why putting a well-crafted prenuptial agreement in place before you get married is essential.

Whether you’re bringing assets into the marriage that you want to protect or you’re seeking to protect assets that you may earn or acquire later, a high asset premarital agreement attorney can help you draft and negotiate an agreement that will protect your interests and will hold up in court if it’s contested. At Fullenweider Wilhite, our attorneys have extensive experience with high net worth premarital agreements for executives, doctors, athletes, and other professionals with complex assets.

If you’re anticipating a divorce and already have a prenup, our prenuptial agreement lawyers can review your agreement, investigate all of your and your spouse’s marital assets and debts, and work to protect your property rights. We work with some of the most experienced financial professionals, including forensic accountants, to help ensure that our clients know what assets are at stake in their divorce.

Why We’re the Leading Houston Family Law Firm for Prenuptial Agreements

Our team is comprised of attorneys with more than two centuries of combined legal experience. We’re an award-winning, top-rated firm devoted exclusively to family law matters. We’ve been recognized by legal organizations across the country for our dedication to our clients, our high ethical standards, and our results.

Our high asset premarital agreement attorneys advocate aggressively to protect our clients’ interests. We also provide representation for postnuptial agreements as well as cohabitation agreements for unmarried couples.

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